ISSP Riga Residency

The ISSP Riga Residency programme is aimed at a diverse range of photographers and artists using the medium of photography, primarily based in the Nordic - Baltic region*. We welcome those interested in exploring the social, cultural and historical context of Riga in the framework of their artistic practice. During stays of up to two months, the residency programme provides the opportunity for concentrated work on a project informed by interaction with the city and its residents. The visiting artists will be introduced to the local audience in a public artist talk, and we encourage collaboration with local artists, community groups and cultural organisations. Based in Riga, the capital of Latvia and the largest city in Baltics, the residency also offers a culturally intense experience and opportunity to explore the region.

The Riga Residency is curated by ISSP - a platform for contemporary photography, based in Riga, but acting internationally - and invites the participating artists to benefit from its international network and get involved in its activities and education programme. The Residency programme is supported by Nordic Culture Point.

Image: Jonas Feige

Who can apply?
Photographers and artists working with photography, primarily from the Nordic – Baltic region: Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Åland, Estonia, Lithuania. Artists from other countries and regions may apply, but please see Resident support and costs for funding conditions.
There are no limitations regarding age, background or photographic style. The residents will be chosen based on the strength of their applications.

Duration and timing
The residency period for each artist in 2019 is up to 2 months between May 2018 and November 2019, dates to be agreed upon individually.

Resident support and costs 
The artists-in-residence will receive free of charge accommodation in a comfortable apartment for the duration of their stay.
NB! The Nordic Culture Point supports the following expenses for artists living in the Nordic - Baltic region only (Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Åland, Estonia, Lithuania):
    - travel costs (up to 200 EUR per artist)
    - 500 EUR (gross) stipend for the development of work
Artists from other countries are not eligible for this support, but may apply if they can secure means to support their residency from own sources. ​

The residency will also cover exhibition production costs in case the resulting work is chosen to feature in an exhibition concluding the ISSP Riga Residency programme at the end of 2019.

Residents’ responsibilities
- The residents are expected to commit as full-time residents for the period individually agreed upon with each artist.
- The residents will be invited to present their work to the local audience in the form of an artist talk or other public event.
- Some of the artists may be selected to feature in a final exhibition in Riga in 2019.
- The residents shall allow the organizers to publish their images from the resulting work for non-profit publicity purposes.

Accommodation and facilities
The artists-in-residence will reside in an apartment located near the city centre, which may, depending on the match in the schedules, be shared with other residents. Facilities: private bedroom, shared working space, bathroom and kitchen, wi-fi.
The artists-in-residence will have access to printers and a scanner at the ISSP premises. ISSP staff will provide local support and contacts, and work with the residents to accommodate any request regarding their creative work.

Host town
Riga stands at a geographical and cultural crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe and has a multicultural history that can be traced up to the present day. The largest city in the Baltic States, Riga offers plenty of tradition, historical charm and impressive Art Noveau architecture, while its urban neighbourhoods still bear witness to post-Soviet reality. There is an active contemporary art and culture scene with international connections, while unspoilt forests and beaches remain within easy reach of the capital. For more information about Riga, read here.

To apply 
Submit an electronic APPLICATION FORM by November 23, including an initial idea of the project you would like to implement together with a selection of up to 15 images. Applications for 2019 are now closed.

For enquiries and questions, please get in touch with us -

Selected artists-in-residence in 2019:
Franek Ammer (Poland)
Demelza Watts (UK)
Filippo Zambon (Italy/Finland)
Anna Hornik (Poland)
Sara Palmieri (Italy)
Julia Borissova (Russia)
Jeff Downer (Canada)
Ekaterina Anokhina (Russia)
Jaana Kokko (Finland) 
Shoji Kato (Japan/Finland)
Céline Gobillard (France)
Emma Sandström (Sweden)
Annemarijn Vinder (Netherlands)
Fernando Criollo (Peru)
Cleo Wächter (Netherlands)
Sergey Novikov (Russia)
Stefanie Kulisch (Russia)


Artists-in-residence in 2018:
Theo Elias (Sweden)
Maija Annikki Savolainen (Finland)
Hiro Tanaka (Japan)
Josefina Malmegård (Sweden)
Ameena Rojee (UK)
Diāna Tamane (Estonia/LV)
Arimasa Fukukawa (Japan/France)
Bjargey Ólafsdóttir (Iceland)
Henna Tyrväinen (Finland)
Kenneth Bamberg (Åland Islands/Finland)
Michael Holland (UK) 
Tekla Inari (Finland) 
Anastasia Starikova (UK/LV) 

The ISSP Riga Residency is supported by the Nordic Culture Point, Nordic - Baltic Mobility Programme.