Joyce & Beckett, edited by Jason Fulford

:: ISSP 2018 Evening Programme ::

29 July - 4 August 2018
at Pelči Boarding School / Kuldīga *
Free entrance

This year, the International Summer School of Photography once more offers a series of fascinating talks and presentations by the ISSP masters, guests and participants at the campus in Pelči, and the final exhibition and outdoor screening in Kuldīga. The events are free of charge - all photography and visual art lovers are welcome! 

:: Sunday, July 29 :: 

20.00 – 20.15 The ISSP story: an express summary by Julija Berkovica 
20.15 – 21.45 Artist talk by Jason Fulford (US) - “The Modern Prometheus”

Jason Fulford is a photographer and co-founder of J&L Books. As an editor and an author, a focus of his work has been on the subject of how meaning is generated through association. Fulford will discuss his recent work, especially that made with "spare parts".

:: Monday, July 30 ::

20.00 - 21.00 Artist talk by Lisa Barnard (UK) - "The Canary and the Hammer"

Lisa Barnard is a photographic artist interested in aesthetics, politics and the military. Her most recent project “The Canary and the Hammer” was inspired by the financial crisis of 2008 and reflects our relationship to Gold. It will be published by MACK in April 2019. 

21.00 - 21.45 Artist talk by Salvatore Vitale (IT/CH) - "The Seen and the Unseen"

Salvatore Vitale is a Swiss-based photographer and editor born and raised in Palermo, Italy. He is also the co-founder and editor-in-chief of YET magazine.

21.45 - 22.30 Artist talk by Sarker Protick (BD) - "Time will Tell" 

Bangladesh-based photographer Sarker Protick makes work that explores the possibilities of time, light and sound. His portraits, landscapes and photographic series engage philosophically with the specificities of personal and national histories.

:: Tuesday, July 31 ::

20:00 - 21:00 Natasha Christia (ES) "The Family of No Man and Me: On Power, Gender and Curating" 

Curator, writer and educator Natasha Christia will speak about the Arles curatorial project The Family of No Man she co-curated this year with Brad Feuerhelm, addressing issues of gender and roles in our small photography world. 

21:15 - 22:30 John Fleetwood (ZA) "On Photo: and positions on African Photography"

John Fleetwood is a curator, editor and the director of Photo:, a photography platform for curatorial and educational projects that relate to the African continent. Fleetwood was the Head of the Market Photo Workshop from 2002-2015. He will give an insight into his own work and that of selected African photographers.

:: Wednesday, August 1 ::

20:00 - 21:00 Artist talk by Yumi Goto (JP) and Jan Rosseel (BE): "Photobook as an object / Photobook who cares" 

A perfect idea does not appear in photographer's minds easily. Various challenges can help resolve and refine what they set out to do. Going through the process of trial and error may seem painful at the time, but the satisfaction when accomplishing a great result is worth it. Curator and editor Yumi Goto and photographer and bookmaker Jan Rosseel will talk about why and how they make handmade books and the importance of visual storytelling.

21:15 - 22:30 Artist talks - a conversation with Federico Clavarino (IT), Nico Baumgarten (DE), Nicolas Polli (CH)

:: Thursday, August 2 ::

20:00 - 22:30 Participants' Portfolio Night I – Portfolio presentations by ISSP Resident artists: David Fathi (FR), Hilde Smetsers (NL), Ilaria Di Biagio (IT), Jan Cieslikiewicz (PL/US), Maki Hayashida (JP), Mikhail Bushkov (RU), Olivier Brossard (FR), Paola Jimenez (PE), Torsten Schumann (DE) and ISSP participants: Adelīna Darviņa (LV), Alexandra Soldatova (BY), Alina Sanduliak (UA), Anastasia Soboleva (RU), Anna Hornik (PL), Daria Minina (RU), Darya Trofimova (KAZ).

:: Friday, August 3 ::

20:00 – 22:30 Participants' Portfolio Night II – Portfolio presentations by ISSP participants: Elena Anosova (RU), Fabiola Cedillo (EC), Frank Biringer (DE), Georgs Avetisjans (LV), Gregory Collavini (CH), Hikaru Hayashi (JP/DE), Indre Urbonaite (LT), Jinsil Truth Leem (KR), Katherine Longly (BE), Lukasz Rusznica (PL), Mārīte Lempa (LV), Mark McGuinness (IR), Mieke Strand (US), Phelim Hoey (IR), Sheila Zhao (CN), Sheung Yiu (HK), Yulia Krivich (UA) 

:: Saturday, August 4 ::

19:30 - Opening of the ISSP 2018 Exhibition at Kuldīgas Mākslas nams (Kuldīga Arts Hall)
22:00 - Screening of the ISSP final works at Goldingen Knight Cinema

All the talks will be held in English. 
* Address unless specified: Pelči Boarding School, Pelči, Kuldīga district. Google maps: 

ISSP does not provide catering or accommodation for guests, but its possible to stay overnight in Pelči if you bring a tent and sleeping bag. You can contact Kuldīga Tourism Information centre for options to stay in Kuldīga.

Artist talks :: Cleo Wächter, Demelza Watts

Trešdien, 13. novembrī, plkst. 18.30 ISSP Galerijā Berga bazārā notiks tikšanās ar šībrīža ISSP Rīgas Rezidences māksliniecēm Kleo Vehteri (Nīderlande) un Demelzu Vatsu (Lielbritānija). Interesentiem būs iespēja uzzināt par viņu līdzšinējo darbību, kā arī Rīgā topošajiem projektiem.

On November 13 at 6.30 PM a meeting with ISSP Riga Residency artists Cleo Wächter (the Netherlands) and Demelza Watts (the UK) will take place at the ISSP Gallery, Riga. The attendees will have a chance to hear about their previous work, as well as projects they are developing in Riga.

Bērnu un ģimeņu diena ISSP Galerijā

Līdz 27. novembrim ISSP Galerijā skatāma mākslinieces Evitas Gozes personālizstāde “Sardzē”. Tās pamatā ir piecu gadu garumā tapusi fotogrāfiju sērija, kurā autore caur Jaunsardzes kustības vērojumiem pievēršas pieaugšanas un vīrišķības tēmām. 16. novembrī ISSP aicina uz radošo darbnīcu bērniem un ģimenēm, kuras dalībniekiem būs iespēja doties iztēles pārgājienā ar jaunsargu!

Artist talk :: Néha Hirve, Fernando Criollo, Sanne Kabalt

Trešdien, 9. oktobrī, plkst. 18.30 ISSP Galerijā Berga bazārā notiks tikšanās ar šībrīža ISSP Rīgas Rezidences māksliniekiem Fernando Kriollo (Peru) un Nehu Hirvi (Zviedrija), kā arī viesi no Ruckas Rezidences Cēsīs – Sennu Kabaltu (Nīderlande).

On October 9 at 6.30 PM a meeting with ISSP Riga Residency artists Fernando Criollo (Peru), Néha Hirve (Sweden), and a guest from Rucka Residency in Cēsis Senna Kabalt (The Netherlands) will take place at the ISSP Gallery, Riga.

Artist talk :: Celine Gobillard

Trešdien, 11.septembrī, aicinām uz ISSP Rīgas Rezidences māksliniekces Selīnas Gobilāras autorvakaru plkst. 18:30 ISSP telpā Berga Bazārā.

On Wednesday 11th of September 6:30 PM, we will host an artist talk by ISSP Riga Residency artist Celine Gobillard (France) - welcome! 

ISSP 2019 publication - "Photography and the World"

Created and launched in July during the ISSP 2019 in Zaļenieki, Latvia, this new publication draws together the content of the first thematic edition of the International Summer School of Photography, "Photography and the World", including the plentiful questions raised by the ISSP participants, tutors and guests, as well as some passionate attempts to look for the answers. Editorial team: Katherine Oktober Matthews (NL), Helen Korpak (FI), Nico Baumgarten (DE), Nicolas Polli (CH), Demelza Watts (UK), with contributions by the ISSP participants, tutors and guests.

The publication is now available as a free open source download as well as a very limited number of print copies.

Valley of the Strange :: Guided Tour and Discussion

15. augustā plkst. 18.30 aicinām iepazīties ar izstādes "Savādā ieleja" māksliniekiem un kuratoru. Vakaru ievadīs mākslinieku vadīta ekskursija izstādē, kam sekos kuratora piezīmes un diskusija. Sarunā autori pievērsīsies fotogrāfijas spējai pārvērtēt iemācīto un padarīt ikdienišķo svešādu, kā arī diskutēs par jauno mākslinieku iespējām un stratēģijām fotogrāfijas pasaulē. Visi aicināti iesaistīties un uzdot sev interesējošos jautājumus.

On August 15 at 6PM we are excited to host an opportunity to meet and engage with the international artists and curator for the exhibition "Valley of the Strange". The event will begin with an artist-led tour of the exhibition and opening remarks by the curator. The following panel discussion will touch upon photography’s power to un-learn, the uncanny valley, time and mortality, and navigating the art/photography world as a young artist. Anyone is welcome to take part and ask any questions that you may have.

Valley of the Strange :: Parallel exhibition

From 15 August – 28 September the ISSP Gallery is hosting "Valley of the Strange", a Parallel Photo Platform exhibition in Riga highlighting six emerging European artists - José Alves, Cihad Caner, Federico Ciamei, Ela Polkowska, Rocco Venezia, Ana Zibelnik. The exhibition considers the role of the image in navigating past and present, while questioning how photography and film can defamiliarize our everyday encounters with the world. Opening - August 14 at 6PM.

No 15. augusta līdz 28. septembrim ISSP Galerijā notiks izstāde "Savādā ieleja". Parallel fotogrāfijas platformas izstāde Rīgā apvieno sešus jaunus Eiropas māksliniekus, kuri caur fotogrāfiju pēta laika robežas un to, kā ikdienišķais kļūst īpatnējs. Izstāde aplūko attēlu lomu pagātnes un tagadnes izpratnē, vienlaikus izceļot to, kā fotogrāfija un video ļauj ikdienu saredzēt citā, nepazīstamā gaismā. Atklāšana - 14. augustā plkst. 18.00. 

Bērnu & ģimeņu GIF darbnīca ISSP galerijā

Sestdien, 3. augustā no plkst. 12.00 - 15.00 ISSP aicina uz radošo GIF darbnīcu bērniem un ģimenēm!

Vēl līdz 7. augustam ISSP Galerijā skatāma latviešu mākslinieces Ievas Raudsepas izstāde "Tā varētu tevi arī aprīt". Tajā redzamais video darbs ir daļēji fiktīvs, daļēji dokumentāls stāsts, kas norisinās uz prāmja kaut kur starp Rīgu un Stokholmu. Darbnīcā ar fotogrāfi un pedagoģi Noru Austriņu būs iespēja tuvāk iepazīt izstādi un to, kā teksts var tikt interpretēts un parādīts video. Iedvesmojoties no īsstāstiem ar kuģu un jūras motīviem, katrs varēs apgūt prasmi veidot vienkāršu GIF animāciju un iestudēt nelielu kustību sēriju. 

Ieva Raudsepa - It Could Just Swallow You Up

No 4. jūlija līdz 7. augustam ISSP Galerijā skatāma latviešu mākslinieces Ievas Raudsepas izstāde "Tā varētu tevi arī aprīt" - daļēji fiktīvs, daļēji dokumentāls stāsts, kas norisinās uz prāmja kaut kur starp Rīgu un Stokholmu. Līdzās izstādei 3. jūlijā tika atklāta arī Ievas jaunā fotogrāmata "Kruīzā".

From July 4 to August 7 the ISSP Gallery is hosting the solo exhibition "It Could Just Swallow You Up" by Latvian artist Ieva Raudsepa. The semi-fictional, semi-documentary video piece takes place on a ferry between Riga and Stockholm. The exhibition opening and the presentation of Ieva's new book "Cruise" took place on July 3.

Artist talk :: Jaana Kokko, Sergey Novikov

Trešdien, 19. jūnijā, aicinām uz ISSP Rīgas Rezidences mākslinieku Jānas Kokko (Somija) un Sergeja Novikova (Krievija) autorvakaru plkst. 18:30 ISSP telpā Berga Bazārā.

On Wednesday 19th of June 6:30 PM, we will host an artist talk by ISSP Riga Residency artists Jaana Kokko (Finland) and Sergey Novikov (Russia) - welcome! 

Bērnu & ģimeņu diena ISSP Galerijā

ISSP aicina uz bērnu & ģimeņu dienu!
Svētdien, 9. jūnijā, plkst. 12.00 - 14.00

Šobrīd ISSP Galerijā redzama mākslinieka Martina Kollara izstāde "Ekskursija" par Izraēlu. Bērnu un ģimeņu dienā būs iespēja tuvāk iepazīties ar izstādi un piedalīties radošā un izzinošā aktivitātē mākslas pedagoģes Noras Vrubļevskas vadībā. Aicinātas piedalīties ģimenes ar bērniem visdažādākajos vecumos! Ieeja bez maksas.