Sunday, August 7

20:00 - 21:30 Claudine Doury (FR) - “Adolescence and other mutations: representation of loss and metamorphosis in photography”

In her talk, Claudine Doury will cover 15 years of her artistic work, depicting inner changes and transfigurations from Russia’s borderlines to her immediate family.

21:45 - 23:15 Michael Ackerman (US/DE) - Artist talk

In something between a slideshow and a film, Michael Ackerman will show photos from last 15 years of his work. He will also share a selection of short films of his friend and collaborator J.Cohen.

Claudine Doury: Born in 1959 in France. Lives in Paris. Represented by Camera Obscura Gallery in Paris and a member of VU agency. Her photographic work on people and their everyday lives has earned her the top prizes: the Leica Oscar Barnack Prize (1999), Prix Paris-Match (2000), and the Niépce Prize (2004). 

Michael Ackerman: American. Born in1967 in Tel Aviv. Lives in Berlin. Represented by agency VU. Is recognized by a his radical and unique approach to photography, expressed in his work on Varanassi “End Time City” (1999) and recent “Half life” (2010).


Monday, August 8 

20:00 - 21:30 Marcos Lopez (Argentina) - “Tierra en Trance”

The artist will show a specially created video compilation about his work that will include his personal selection of "the most important names" in Latin American photography.

Marcos Lopez: Born in 1958. Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Marcos Lopez gained international recognition for his “Pop-Latino” style - distinctive combination of photographic realism and theatrical staging with crossing influences from painting, cinema, traditional and modern archetypes, and digital art.


Tuesday, August 9

20:00 - 21:30 David Bate (UK) - “Conceptual documentary”

The talk will discuss the rise of conceptual art as a mode of thinking and its relation to photography and documentary photography in particular.

21:45 - 23:15 Arno Rafael Minkkinen (FI/US) - “Art is risk made visible”

Shown at the gala night of the Palms Spring International Photo Festival in March 2011, the presentation with music selections traces and interweaves an understanding of photography through a retrospective of 40 years of artist’ work.

David Bate: Photo-artist, writer and teacher, known for his interest in avant-garde aesthetics in visual art. Lives and works in London, represented by Hoopers Gallery. Dr. Bate is a Course Leader of MA in Photographic Studies at University of Westminster. He has published many essays on contemporary photography and art history as well as two books that are widely used in photography courses: “Photography and Surrealism” (2004) and “Photography: Key Concepts” (2009). 

Arno Rafael Minkkinen: A Finnish-American photographer, writer, curator, and educator. Born in 1945 in Finland. Lives in US. For decades now, he has explored the invisible line that separates man from the primordial via his surreal black&white self-portraits. Dr. Minkkinen is Professor of Art at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Docent at the University of Art & Design Helsinki, and graduate faculty at Maine Media College in Rockport, Maine. Was awarded the Finnish State Art Prize in Photography in 2006.

Wednesday, August 10

20:00 - 22:00 Photography magazines presentations

- Erik Vroons, Editor, GUP Magazine (NL)
- Arnis Balčus, Editor, FK Magazine (LV)

The talks by editors of two photography magazines (Dutch/international GUP and Latvian FK) will give an overview on the present day situation in an industry actively reflecting on photography, the cyclic production process of a photography magazine, as well as initiate a debate on what a photographer could gain from getting published without getting paid.


Thursday, August 11

20:00 - 21:30 “Visual narratives: European borderlines” project partners
- ISSP (Latvia), GAPO (Turkey), Icelandic Contemporary Photography Association, Maioclaro (Portugal)

A short presentation of a long-term project "European borderlines" that was recently started by ISSP in partnership with photography organisations from Turkey, Iceland and Portugal. Presentations will include some of the photography that they represent and promote.

21:45 - 23:15 Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou (UK) – Artist talk

The tutors of the project, George Georgio and Vanessa Winship will tell about their work on long-term documentary projects – something that they have been doing for a while.

Vanessa Winship: Born in 1960 in the United Kingdom. Represented by the Agency Vu. Vanessa Winship is known for her long term projects in Albania, Georgia and Black Sea. Her series “Sweet Nothings” on rural girls in central Anatolia have won Sony World Photography Award in 2008. In June 2011 she was awarded a prestigious Henri Cartier-Bresson award in photography.  

George Georgiou: Born in London to Greek Cypriot parents, George Georgiou has been a practicing photographer for the last 20 years. Represented by agencies Prospekt (Italy), Panos (UK) and Signatures (France). He has been living and working in the Balkans, Greece and Turkey. His work is focused on long term projects around identity, urbanization and human space.  


Friday, August 12 

20:00 - 22:00 Presentation of ISSP participants’ portfolios

An opportunity for ISSP participants to share what they are doing with the entire group - portfolio selection or individual projects (completed or work in progress). ISSP works shall not be presented. Required: prior sign-up, slideshow or video presentation (maximum 10 minutes each).


Saturday, August 13 (in Kuldīga)

19:00 - 20:00 Opening of the ISSP 2011 Exhibition at Kuldīga District museum

21:30 - 22:30 Screening of ISSP works at Kuldīga Open air cinema 


NB! Practical information for visitors:
All those seriously interested in photography are welcome to attend the ISSP evening programme free of charge.
Location of the evening talks: Pelči boarding school, Kuldīga district. Directions and map available here.
Visitors are responsible for entire logistics of their stay and should take care not to disturb the work of the workshops.
Contact Kuldīga Tourism Information centre for accommodation in Kuldīga. Its possible to stay in tents on the ISSP campus, we will try to arrange for a separate kitchen that guests can use. 

On Art and Activism :: J. Jordan – In-between Everything

On April 21, 18.30 we start a series of lectures on art and activism with an online talk by the 'magician of rebellion', co-founder of Reclaim The Streets movement J. Jordan (FR) - "In-between Everything: art and activism, nature and culture, male and female – a non-binary guide to creative rebellion”.

21. aprīlī plkst. 18.30 aicinām uz 'dumpju burvja', Reclaim the Streets kustības līdzdibinātāja J. Jordana tiešsaistes lekciju “Visam pa vidu: māksla un aktīvisms, daba un kultūra, vīrišķais un sievišķais – radošas sacelšanās nebinārās vadlīnijas”.

Book launch – “Seat 68” by Paula Jansone / Paulas Jansones grāmatas “Seat 68” atklāšana

The publisher Milda Books has released a new book “Seat 68” by Latvian photographer, ISSP School’s graduate Paula Jansone. On Friday, December 11, at 6.30 PM an online presentation of the book will be streamed on Facebook.

Izdevniecība “Milda Books” laidusi klajā fotogrāfes, ISSP Skolas absolventes Paulas Jansones fotogrāmatu “Seat 68”. Piektdien, 11. decembrī, plkst. 18.30 tiešsaistē notiks tās prezentācija (angļu valodā).

ISSP Skolas studentu izstāde LOW galerijā

No 1. līdz 12. decembrim laikmetīgās mākslas galerijā LOW ir apskatama ISSP Skolas 2. kursa studentu kopīgi veidota izstāde “Es nākšu rīt”, kas tapusi, autoriem galerijā uz vietas secīgi radot un izstādot fotogrāfiskus objektus. Tā tiek rīkota mākslinieces, ISSP Skolas pasniedzējas Vikas Ekstas rezidences ietvaros. Apskatīties sadarīto iespējams no 1. līdz 12. decembrim, 17:00-20:00. Katru dienu izstādi pieskatīs un par darbiem pastāstīs kāds no māksliniekiem!

Opening Day :: ISSP Weekly Planner 2021 — Natural Phenomena

Pēc gada pārtaukuma ISSP plānotājs atgriežas svaigā veidolā! Aicinām uz atklāšanas dienu 26. novembrī, kad no 12.00 līdz 20.00 ISSP Galerijā un mūsu internetveikalā to būs iespēja iegādāties par īpašu prezentācijas cenu. 

After a year-long break, the ISSP Weekly Planner returns in a fresh look! During the Opening Day, on November 26, from 12 to 8 PM the Planner will be available for a special launch price both at the ISSP Gallery and online.

Diāna Tamane – Rokas stiepiena attālumā / Within Arm's Reach

No 5. novembra līdz 2021. gada 9. janvārim ISSP Galerijā būs skatāma mākslinieces Diānas Tamanes personālizstāde "Rokas stiepiena attālumā". Atklāšanas diena – 5. novembrī visas dienas garumā - iespēja satikt mākslinieci un apskatīt izstādi viņas pavadībā.

From November 5 to January 9 2021, the ISSP Gallery is hosting the solo exhibition “Within Arm's Reach” by Latvian artist Diāna Tamane - welcome! 

Artist talk :: Thibaut Henz & David Ashley Kerr

Trešdien, 10. oktobrī, plkst. 18.30 ISSP telpās notiks tikšanās ar ISSP Rīgas rezidences mākslinieku Tibo Hencu un kuratoru Deividu Ešliju Kerru. Interesentiem būs iespēja uzzināt par viņu radošo sadarbību, Tibo līdzšinējo darbību, kā arī Rīgā topošajiem projektiem.

On Wednesday, October 28 at 6.30 PM a meeting with ISSP Riga Residency artist Thibaut Henz and his friend, colleague and curator David Ashley Kerr will take place at the ISSP. The attendees will have a chance to hear about Thibaut’s previous work, as well as projects he is now working on in Riga.

Bērnu diena ISSP Galerijā

Sestdien, 10. oktobrī, plkst. 12.00 aicinām uz Bērnu dienu ISSP Galerijā – tikšanos ar mākslinieku Andreju Strokinu viņa personālizstādē “Kosmiskās skumjas” un foto pastaigu kopā ar darbnīcas vadītāju Adelīnu Kalniņu. Aktivitātēs aicināti piedalīties bērni un ģimenes ar bērniem vecumā no 7 līdz 12 gadiem, kuriem ir pieejams viedtālrunis ar kameru.

Tim Sullivan :: What to do with the Romantics?

Trešdien, 30. septembrī, plkst. 18.30 ISSP telpās notiks pasākums “Ko iesākt ar romantiķiem?” – ISSP Rīgas rezidences mākslinieka un fotogrāfijas pasniedzēja Tima Salivana lekcija un pārdomas par fotogrāfijas lasīšanu un romantisma mantojuma noderīgumu mūsdienu attēlu veidotājiem.

On Wednesday, September 30, at 6.30 PM an event “What to do with the Romantics?” – a talk about the usefulness of Romanticism for the present-day image-makers and a meeting with ISSP Riga Residency artist and lecturer Tim Sullivan (UK) – will take place at the ISSP.

Julia Volonts :: When Words Are Not Enough: Art as a Therapeutic Tool for Community Engagement

Trešdien, 16. septembrī, plkst. 18.30 ISSP telpās notiks pasākums “Kad ar vārdiem nepietiek: māksla kā terapeitisks rīks kopienas iesaistei” – tikšanās ar mākslas terapeiti Džūliju Volonts (Julia Volonts, ASV).

On Wednesday, September 16, at 6.30 PM an event “When Words Are Not Enough: Art as a Therapeutic Tool for Community Engagement” – a meeting with art therapist Julia Volonts (USA) will take place at the ISSP.

Pieteikšanās programmai "Attīstot fotogrāfijas valodu"

UZMANĪBU! Pieteikšanās pagarināta līdz 19. jūlijam!

Atvērta pieteikšanās ISSP Skolas divu gadu vakaru programmai “Attīstot fotogrāfijas valodu” 2020/2022! Jaunā kursa sākums – 2020. gada septembrī.

Programma paredzēta dalībniekiem ar priekšzināšanām un nodrošina studentiem atvērtu, radošu un kritisku vidi, kurā attīstīt savu vizuālo valodu un individuālo pieeju fotogrāfijā. Strādājot pie nelieliem un arī nopietnākiem autorprojektiem pieredzējušu pasniedzēju vadībā, studenti paplašina izpratni par fotogrāfiju kā mūsdienu mākslas mediju. Pieteikšanās termiņš - 19. jūlijs.


1:1 - Satiec mākslinieku

Pārtraucot ieilgušo klusumu, 2. jūnijā atveram ISSP Galeriju ar performatīvu izstādi 1:1, kas aicina apmeklētājus viens pret viens satikties ar četriem māksliniekiem, kuri ar savu klātbūtni dažādos veidos iesaistīs auditoriju.

Breaking a long silence, on June 2, the ISSP Gallery will open with the performative exhibition 1:1. Visitors are invited to meet one-on-one with four different artists, who will in different ways interact with the audience.

Ronit Porat :: Appropriation of narratives

27. maijā, plkst. 18.30 tiešsaistē notiks tikšanās ar ISSP Rīgas rezidences mākslinieci Ronitu Poratu (Izraēla), kura strādā ar dažādiem fotoarhīviem, sasaistot tos ar vēsturiskiem naratīviem un ar pašas biogrāfiju.

On May 27 at 6.30 PM ISSP is inviting to join an artist talk by ISSP Riga Residency artist Ronit Porat (Israel), who has been working with various photographic archives, linking those to historical narratives and her personal biography.