Kai-Olaf Hesse: Photoworks presentation - sequence, context & strategies

A workshop by Kai-Olaf Hesse
Photoworks presentation: sequence, context & strategies or How To Get Your Work Out in Public

In cooperation with BerlinPhotoWorkshops and Goethe- Institut Riga

2 days | 4-5 December 2009 | 10:00 – 18:00

The workshop addressed the prerequisites for the content and design of an image series, or sequence, which shall be brought together to come up with best possible form of presentation - projection, exhibition, book, or other - for the respective body of work. Beyond the technical requirements, the most decisive criteria for a successful presentation of photographs is the choice of the subject matter/topic and the corresponding structure of the images - sequencing - as well as the selection and design of the materials for the final set up.

The workshop discussed possibilities and critical aspects in regard to the presentation of photographs on the basis of participant’s ready works.

For whom?

A small group of maximum 12 students: professional photographers, students of photography and art, artists using photography, individuals with a multimedia background, interested amateurs and other interested parties with knowledge of photographic practice.

Each participant must bring a body of current (or previously finished) work that they plan to develop into an exhibition or a book/publication, to be discussed in course of the workshop.


Kai-Olaf Hesse is a photographer and works since 1996 also as an exhibition and book designer for publishers, museums, artists and other institutions. He has contributed to more than 30 book productions and also worked on several personal photographic projects which were conceived as and have later resulted in books. He has an array of international teaching experience, including recent workshops for photographers in Berlin, India, Singapore and Ireland.

More info: www.berlinphotoworkshops.de

Workshop Structure

The workshop focused on developing both critical creative facility as well as understanding of professional production requirements among the participants. Group discussions were combined with a possibility for individual consultation and critique.

- Introductory lecture on the contemporary photo book and exhibition scene,

- General aspects of presentation of photographs in various settings - introduction to content-, technique-, practice-, and theory related aspects of exhibition and book making,

- Discussing the theory-content and imparting of the technical framework (i.e. format, reproduction- and production processes etc.) for successful presentation of the participants’ works.