Nico Baumgarten: Artist's Book workshop

6 dienas: 29.aprīlis - 4. maijs, Rīgā

6 days: 29 April - 4 May 2016 in Riga

Nico Baumgarten workshop

During this workshop the students will transform a project or a body of work (primarily photography, but any other visual art or found material is welcome) into a handmade artist’s book.

A photobook is an intimate, complex and beautiful way to show your work. It has always been like that and the current photobook boom is not changing this. It provides us with almost unlimited inspiration, provides us with more possibilities as authors of photobooks, but also makes it increasingly difficult to stand out.

Whether you want to establish yourself in the international scene or produce a single copy of a book that only very close friends will see - together we will work towards realizing your aims. We will see a lot of examples of recent and historical books, create some experimental dummies and consequently start to create your own photobook. We will spend long hours editing, sequencing and trying out different designs and layouts. After a break of several days (which gives you time to let your ideas settle) we will create the final version of your book, a unique hand-bound object.

The participants should have a ready body of work that they wish to transform into a book. 

Nico Baumgarten (DE, 1981) is a freelance photographer and bookbinder who self-publishes photobooks.He has studied photography at the IDEP in Barcelona and bookbinding at the CFP Bauer in Milan. He tries to make the creation of the photobook a truly independent endeavor and therefore hand-binds many of his titles, designs them himself and tries out different ways in presentation, distribution and marketing of his booksNico has self-published four books, all handmade in limited editions: 'Berlusconians / No Berlusconians' (2011), 'Leer' (2013), "ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio" (2013), “Die wachsamen Augen der Angela M.” (2014) and “How the other half lives” (soon to be released, 2015).
Nico has taught photography and bookmaking workshops in Berlin, Riga, Caracas, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Amsterdam and Paris.

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Priekšnoteikums dalībai darbnīcā ir pabeigta attēlu sērija, ko dalībnieks vēlas pārvērst grāmatā. Mācību valoda ir angļu.
Lai pieteiktos, nosūtiet mums e-pastā (, nosaukums: "Book workshop") īsu aprakstu par sevi un savu projektu, kopā ar saiti uz projektu, ko vēlaties pārvērst grāmatā, vai pievienojiet līdz 10 attēliem - tie var būt fotogrāfijas, skenētas ilustrācijas, zīmējumi, teksts, u.c.
Pieteikšanās termiņs: 2016.gada 10.aprīlis

Dalības maksa:
100 EUR dalībniekiem no Latvijas
200 EUR dalībniekiem no ārzemēm


To Apply:

The participants must have a body of work that is ready to be transformed into a book.
Send us an email (, with subject “Book workshop”) with a short description of yourself and your project, together with the link to or attaching up to 10 images from the project that you wish to transform into a book  - you can submit photographs or scans of illustrations, drawings, text, etc.
Application deadline: 10 April 2016.

Participation fee:
100 EUR for participants from Latvia
200 EUR for participants from abroad