Gordon MacDonald: Words and Pictures - Pictures and Words

Workshop by Gordon MacDonald (GOST Books)
Words and Pictures - Pictures and Words
4 days: 8 - 11 May, Riga

In this workshop aimed at both photographers and photobook editors, Gordon MacDonald, Director of GOST Books, will run a series of lectures, seminars and personal feedback sessions aimed at practitioners who want to know more about combining images and text.
The workshop will begin with a lecture on the history of photographers working with text and MacDonald’s own work as an editor and creative director of photographic publications. With a starting point of the basis of language, the alphabet, participants will be encouraged to explore the difficult balance of working between words and images. They will go away with a better idea of how they can use image and text in their work.

words and pictures, pictures and words
Gordon MacDonald is currently director of GOST Books, London. He was founding editor of Photoworks magazine (UK) and Head of Publications at Photoworks working with artists such as Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg, Alec Soth and Stephen Gill. He is also a curator, writer and one half of the creative partnership MacDonaldStrand with artist Clare Strand.

The workshop is part of the SELF PUBLISH RIGA 2016 programme.