Workshop 1: A personal approach in photography: From diary to fiction

By Arja Hyytiäinen

The participants of Finnish contemporary photographer Arja Hyytiäinen’s workshop focused on translating emotion into images, feeling and experiencing life through photography, seeking and questioning, trying to see behind the visual reality. They tried to develop their individual languages of expression, creating fictional and experience-based stories using everyday material in the form of a diary. Each participant worked around a person or storyline that was most important to them right now. All of this took place in the surroundings of Kuldīga.


Anna Laurinavichyute (RU)
Christel Ooms (NL)
Ewa Majczak (PL/BE)
IIda Taavitsainen (FI/UK)
Ilze Gustovska (LV)
Jacopo Pergameno (IT)
Juanan Requena (ES)
Kārlis Bergs (LV)
Kseniya Babushkina (RU)
Manpreet Singh Romana (IN)
Sohei Yasui (JP/RU)
Zanda Puče (LV)