Joyce & Beckett, edited by Jason Fulford

:: ISSP 2018 Evening Programme ::

29 July - 4 August 2018
at Pelči Boarding School / Kuldīga *
Free entrance

This year, the International Summer School of Photography once more offers a series of fascinating talks and presentations by the ISSP masters, guests and participants at the campus in Pelči, and the final exhibition and outdoor screening in Kuldīga. The events are free of charge - all photography and visual art lovers are welcome! 

:: Sunday, July 29 :: 

20.00 – 20.15 The ISSP story: an express summary by Julija Berkovica 
20.15 – 21.45 Artist talk by Jason Fulford (US) - “The Modern Prometheus”

Jason Fulford is a photographer and co-founder of J&L Books. As an editor and an author, a focus of his work has been on the subject of how meaning is generated through association. Fulford will discuss his recent work, especially that made with "spare parts".

:: Monday, July 30 ::

20.00 - 21.00 Artist talk by Lisa Barnard (UK) - "The Canary and the Hammer"

Lisa Barnard is a photographic artist interested in aesthetics, politics and the military. Her most recent project “The Canary and the Hammer” was inspired by the financial crisis of 2008 and reflects our relationship to Gold. It will be published by MACK in April 2019. 

21.00 - 21.45 Artist talk by Salvatore Vitale (IT/CH) - "The Seen and the Unseen"

Salvatore Vitale is a Swiss-based photographer and editor born and raised in Palermo, Italy. He is also the co-founder and editor-in-chief of YET magazine.

21.45 - 22.30 Artist talk by Sarker Protick (BD) - "Time will Tell" 

Bangladesh-based photographer Sarker Protick makes work that explores the possibilities of time, light and sound. His portraits, landscapes and photographic series engage philosophically with the specificities of personal and national histories.

:: Tuesday, July 31 ::

20:00 - 21:00 Natasha Christia (ES) "The Family of No Man and Me: On Power, Gender and Curating" 

Curator, writer and educator Natasha Christia will speak about the Arles curatorial project The Family of No Man she co-curated this year with Brad Feuerhelm, addressing issues of gender and roles in our small photography world. 

21:15 - 22:30 John Fleetwood (ZA) "On Photo: and positions on African Photography"

John Fleetwood is a curator, editor and the director of Photo:, a photography platform for curatorial and educational projects that relate to the African continent. Fleetwood was the Head of the Market Photo Workshop from 2002-2015. He will give an insight into his own work and that of selected African photographers.

:: Wednesday, August 1 ::

20:00 - 21:00 Artist talk by Yumi Goto (JP) and Jan Rosseel (BE): "Photobook as an object / Photobook who cares" 

A perfect idea does not appear in photographer's minds easily. Various challenges can help resolve and refine what they set out to do. Going through the process of trial and error may seem painful at the time, but the satisfaction when accomplishing a great result is worth it. Curator and editor Yumi Goto and photographer and bookmaker Jan Rosseel will talk about why and how they make handmade books and the importance of visual storytelling.

21:15 - 22:30 Artist talks - a conversation with Federico Clavarino (IT), Nico Baumgarten (DE), Nicolas Polli (CH)

:: Thursday, August 2 ::

20:00 - 22:30 Participants' Portfolio Night I – Portfolio presentations by ISSP Resident artists: David Fathi (FR), Hilde Smetsers (NL), Ilaria Di Biagio (IT), Jan Cieslikiewicz (PL/US), Maki Hayashida (JP), Mikhail Bushkov (RU), Olivier Brossard (FR), Paola Jimenez (PE), Torsten Schumann (DE) and ISSP participants: Adelīna Darviņa (LV), Alexandra Soldatova (BY), Alina Sanduliak (UA), Anastasia Soboleva (RU), Anna Hornik (PL), Daria Minina (RU), Darya Trofimova (KAZ).

:: Friday, August 3 ::

20:00 – 22:30 Participants' Portfolio Night II – Portfolio presentations by ISSP participants: Elena Anosova (RU), Fabiola Cedillo (EC), Frank Biringer (DE), Georgs Avetisjans (LV), Gregory Collavini (CH), Hikaru Hayashi (JP/DE), Indre Urbonaite (LT), Jinsil Truth Leem (KR), Katherine Longly (BE), Lukasz Rusznica (PL), Mārīte Lempa (LV), Mark McGuinness (IR), Mieke Strand (US), Phelim Hoey (IR), Sheila Zhao (CN), Sheung Yiu (HK), Yulia Krivich (UA) 

:: Saturday, August 4 ::

19:30 - Opening of the ISSP 2018 Exhibition at Kuldīgas Mākslas nams (Kuldīga Arts Hall)
22:00 - Screening of the ISSP final works at Goldingen Knight Cinema

All the talks will be held in English. 
* Address unless specified: Pelči Boarding School, Pelči, Kuldīga district. Google maps: 

ISSP does not provide catering or accommodation for guests, but its possible to stay overnight in Pelči if you bring a tent and sleeping bag. You can contact Kuldīga Tourism Information centre for options to stay in Kuldīga.

Bērnu & ģimeņu diena ISSP Galerijā

ISSP pirmo reizi aicina uz bērnu & ģimeņu dienu!
Svētdien, 25. novembrī, plkst. 12.00 - 14.00

Šobrīd ISSP Galerijā redzama mākslinieces Diānas Tamanes fotogrāfijas izstāde "Pasūtījums", kas ir kopdarbs ar mākslinieces ģimenes locekļiem. Bērnu un ģimeņu dienā būs iespēja tuvāk iepazīties ar izstādi un piedalīties radošā aktivitātē mākslas pedagoģes Noras Vrubļevskas vadībā. Aicinātas piedalīties ģimenes ar bērniem visdažādākajos vecumos! Ieeja bez maksas. 

Paradise conversations: Collage workshop with Michael Holland and Andrejs Strokins

Aicinām piedalīties kolāžas tehnikas darbnīcā "Paradīzes sarunas" ar māksliniekiem Maiklu Holandu un Andreju Strokinu ISSP telpā 1. - 2. decembrī. Pieteikties aicināti fotogrāfi, mākslinieki, kā arī ikviens ar interesi par kolāžas tehniku un vēlmi atraisīt radošumu. Pieteikšanas līdz 20. novembrim!

ISSP invites you to take part in the Paradise Conversations collage workshop with artists Michael Holland and Andrejs Strokins in Riga on December 1 - 2. The workshop is open to artists, photographers and anyone who is interested in the subject and in unlocking their creativity by trying out collage techniques. Apply by November 20!

Guided tour and talk: Solarophytes by Maija Annikki Savolainen

Sestdien, 29. septembrī, plkst. 15.00 aicinām uz mākslinieces Maijas Anniki Savolainenas vadītu ekskursiju izstādē “Solarofīti” ISSP Galerijā, kuras laikā viņa stāstīs par darbu tapšanas procesu un bioloģe Tita Kotilainena sniegs ieskatu savos pētījumos par saules radiāciju un augu bioloģiju. 

Welcome to a guided tour of “Solarophytes” on September 29 at 3PM at the ISSP Gallery during which artist Maija Annikki Savolainen will talk about her creative process and biologist Titta Kotilainen will present her research on sunlight radiation and plant biology. 

Maija Annikki Savolainen - Solarophytes

No 28. septembra līdz 3. novembrim ISSP Galerijā būs apskatāma somu mākslinieces Maijas Anniki Savolainenas izstāde “Solarofīti” (Solarophytes). Izstādes nosaukums veidots no jēdzieniem “solar-” (saules-) un “-fīti” (norāde uz augu vai specifisku biotopu), un tā pievēršas fotogrāfiskiem procesiem, kas neietilpst cilvēkam redzamajā elektromagnētisko viļņu diapazonā. Izstādes atklāšana – 27. septembrī plkst. 18.30.

From September 28 to November 3, the exhibition "Solarophytes" by Finnish artist Maija Annikki Savolainen will be on view at the ISSP Gallery. The title is derived from the terms “solar”- (relating to or determined by the sun) and “-phytes” (a reference to a plant or plant-like organism), and focuses on photographic processes that are not within the visible range of electromagnetic radiation.The opening of the exhibition - September 27 at 6.30 PM.

INFINITE SAUVAGE :: ISSP 2018 Exhibition in Kuldīga

We cordially invite you to the ISSP 2018 exhibition in Kuldīga featuring photographs, books, multimedia works and installations created by the summer school participants  - almost 60 photographers and 12 emerging curators from over 30 countries. Opening - Saturday, 4 August, 19.30!

Esiet mīļi gaidīti ISSP 2018 gala darbu izstādē "Savvaļa". Izstādē redzamas fotogrāfijas, grāmatas, multimediju darbi un instalācijas, ko radijuši šī gada Starptautiskās Fotogrāfijas vasaras skolas dalībnieki - gandrīz 60 fotogrāfi sadarbībā ar 12 jauniem kuratoriem no 30 valstīm. Atklāšana - sestdien, 4. augustā plkst. 19.30!

Jason Fulford - Clayton's Ascent

No 7. augusta līdz 19. septembrim ISSP Galerijā būs skatāma amerikāņu mākslinieka Džeisona Fulforda izstāde "Kleitona lidojums". Nosaukums aizgūts no deviņu stundu lidojuma ar gaisa balonu 1835. gadā. Darba pamatā ir attēli, kas uzņemti laikā no 1997. līdz 2003. gadam, kad Fulfords ar motociklu apceļoja ASV. 

From August 7 to September 20 the ISSP Gallery will host American photographer Jason Fulford's exhibition "Clayton's Ascent" .The title is derived from a nine-hour balloon flight in 1835. Shot between 1997 and 2003 while traveling the US by motorcycle, Fulford’s saturated colors are infused with a veiled foreboding, drawing a blurred line between the real and artificial.

Theo Elias / Hiro Tanaka artist talk

Trešdien, 6. jūnijā, plkst. 18:00 ISSP Galerijas telpās notiks ISSP Rīgas Rezidences mākslinieku Teo Eliasa (Theo Elias, Zviedrija) un Hiro Tanakas (Hiro Tanaka, Japāna) autorvakars.

 ISSP is happy to host an artist talk by ISSP Riga Residency artists Theo Elias (Sweden) and Hiro Tanaka (Japan) on Wednesday 6th of June 6PM at the ISSP Gallery.